Hollie, Travis and Bryson

October 27, 2015  •  1 Comment

This is another family who is so near and dear to me, the story of this little guy is one of a COMPLETE miracle, and it makes me get all blubbery and emotional every time I think about it! So Hollie and Travis found a need to adopt a baby, and found the perfect brith parents looking for someone to take on their little joy. She was only a couple months pregnant when they found them and Hollie and Travis helped them through it, and quickly became friends with them. 

When it came time for her to have the baby, she went to the hospital and in the process of birth the placenta tore, and she lost a lot of blood and baby boy went with out oxygen for 7 minutes (HUGE amount of time- and very likely to have brain damage). Bryson suffered from metabolic acidosis which cause organ failure in multiple organs and had a difficult time maintaining a blood pressure. He also experienced 2 seizures within the first 24 hours of his life and stopped breathing and had to have a breathing tube put in. Due to his brain injury, he was immediately put into a hypothermic state lowering his body temperature for 72 hours and they could not touch him during his greatest times of struggle. This, of course was so so emotional, but Hollie and Travis were his parents, so they would take him no matter what. They couldn't touch or hold him for 5 days. The Birth-mom spent some time in the ICU, and the baby in the NICU, they did tests to find out his brain function a few days later, and everything was PERFECT! He is a perfect healthy little guy!!!! SUCH a miracle and blessing to Hollie and Travis, and you can just see the love they both have for him. 

It was a true pleasure to be able to capture that love through a camera.

(Not my picture ^^)


These are so beautiful! I just love your photos and I love my cute nephew!
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