Senior Models {Angel & Gabriya}

October 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

These girls were so much fun! I needed some fresh pictures of some seniors for a stylized shoot I threw together, and these girls were PERFECT for the boho vibe I was going for!

I LOVED this shoot

Between Angel's amazing eyes, and Gabriya's WILD AND AWESOME hair!? I couldn't get much better!! 

We shot at a field in my back yard (yeah, I am going to miss this place when we move) and then over at the Kaysville Bird refuge.. in which the mosquitoes were the size of small birds and they ate us alive!! I only had like 15 minutes to shoot with Gabriya because the sun set so fast, and, lets face it, those mosquitos were literally taking all of my blood, and I couldn't focus because of the probable light headed-ness that was going to happen if we didn't get out there!!

Brooke Fowles did BOTH of their hair and make up. She is AMAZINGNESSSSSSS!!! You can find her on Facebook ( and also on Instagram @Brookefowles7.


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