How to "Thank" your photographer

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Let me paint a little picture for you, Graduation is just around the corner, and you want to document that with some photos you can send out to friends and family to announce you did it!!! .....It is your big wedding day, & you have put months (maybe years) of thought into- You have the perfect dress, flowers, location and photographer. A couple years later, you use the  very same photographer to capture your labor, and then shots of your beautiful newborn baby, then later, family pictures of your lovely family for holiday cards. Often times your photographer follows you in life, capturing these precious moments, you become comfortable with them and likely they become your friend. This person bends over back wards (hopefully!) to capture these huge, significant life moments. Here are some ideas on how to thank them for standing on an unsteady chair, or bridge to get the "Perfect" shot!

(No particular order to these!)

1. Thank you notes and texts

The old fashioned "thank you" note, email or even a text means SO much to a photographer, and I recommend doing it soon after seeing the pictures. As you can see, I have all of mine saved, and that isn't even half of them. When I have a down day/time with my photography (even the best photographer has times like this!), I can look back at these notes and remember the difference I have made in the lives of my clients and friends.



2. Good reviews

Usually photographers have a Facebook review section (mine is:, or a website/blog section for reviews. This helps anyone who is looking into this photographer to get a feel for how this photographer is in person, as well as how your experience was with them. It is always such a good feeling to get an alert that i have a good review.


3. Send them invites/announcements

Some photographers do their own announcements and invites, I do not offer that yet, so when I get one in the mail, I am SO STOKED! It is fun to see how they decided to print them and which photos they loved the most. I have also received a photo through text of how clients have displayed them in their homes. 

4. Phone call

Again, the good old fashioned thoughtful, and personal phone call is always wonderful- though this can be tough in a world that is moving so fast, it is such a sincere way to thank your photographer.

5.Share pictures, their page and name.

When you share the pictures and tag your photographer's page or name in them on social media- that is one of the best ways to get word out about how great they are to a multitude of people- word of mouth is usually the best way to get

6. Tips/Gratuity

Tips (stands for: to insure prompt service) or gratuity is a wonderful way to thank your photographer for great service, though some photographers have a harder time accepting this (like me). It is still very appreciated, and obviously helps a photographer in another way.



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