Gabby's Formal Shoot

August 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

(WARNING: Do not view these pictures if you are on oxygen! They are so "breathtaking", that I can not promise that you won't keel over. and die..)

So, I talked Gabby into getting her hair and make up done, because even with the softest of make up, and the simplest of hair styles- it usually always makes a difference in photos (soon to be a blog post I do!). I set her up with Shannell Corbin, and OBVIOUSLY she is amazing!! (

So, I get to antelope Island, and jump in the truck with Gabby (who looked GORGEOUS!!!!!!) her mom and her step dad (both of which are stellar!) We started driving and I told her step dad that I wanted to try for some different locations, so be prepared for me to not know where exactly we were going. We found some shady rocks, and some fieldy locations, then he took us to a "look out" at the water and we got some AMAZING orange sunset shots there. 

Then we went out to seek "The twiggy thing" (yep.. my super creative name for a white tree stump) we had to get their before the sun set, because the way the light was bouncing off the mountain, it made them a blue/purpley color, and that with the contrast of her dress was just BEAUTIFUL!! So we were racing down the road, trying to beat the sun, and we finally found it, and me and Gabby got out and took off to get as much time at this location with "the twiggy thing" as possible, so we are dodging spider webs, and trying to be careful where we step (Luckily she was wearing flip flops and a breezy dress)! I get to the bottom and go to pull my camera out of my bag, and guess who FORGOT her camera in the car!! So I start running BACK up to the car- not even being able to dodge spider webs (can I just say the spiders there are HUGE!!!!! I do not recommend walking off the trail, because this time of year, they are EVERYWHERE! As black as a Black Widow and just as horrifying!!!)

Oh man! Mark that right up there with an embarrassing photographer moment! Luckily, Gabby is so laid back, that she just giggled and poked fun at me while we shot!! I am so in love with these photos that I can hardly contain myself!



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