Color {Emotions} Shoot

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A couple months ago I saw a shoot done of a girl with purple hair, I thought to myself, "I want to shoot colorful hair!" Then some how it became "I want to shoot a LOT of colorful hair! So I rounded up a crew of people to help make this vision happen! 

Models were tricky since not everyone is walking around with purple and pink hair, but we were able to round everyone up that we needed to make it happen! 

My original plan was to display every color of the rainbow, but then it became more about the hair and make up portraying the "emotion" that the color projected. (Blue-sad, yellow-happy etc.) This idea gave the hair and make up artists more of a direction to go in, we decided to stick with just white, and decided to head out to Antelope Island to shoot since the salt has made some locations as white as the Salt Flats (which was too long of a drive for most people). I wanted the colors to POP!

I decided to volunteer my house for hair and make up, since I am only like 10 minutes from Antelope Island. 


Caitlin Hemsley- Photos by Cait Original Designer, Photographer

Megan Muir Photography helped with SO much of the organizing, and helped me keep my spirits up when I had a few people flake out, and helped to find replacements. Also, of course, shot with me!

Hair and Make up Artists:

Sam Hurst- (Pink and Green) 

Brittany Sawatzki (Blue and Yellow) 

Rachel Kitterman- (Purple and Red) 


Red: Stacy Nish (also shot photos)

Green: Samantha Kim Little

Yellow: Christie Berube

Blue: Sarah Roghaar

Pink: Ariel Haycock

Purple: Samaira Hunt


We got Pizza and Krispy Kreme for everyone!

Me and my daughter decided to put some hair chalk in our hair to get into the color spirit!


{Sad, Mellow}

I have had the pleasure of knowing Sarah for almost 15 years (woah..!) when we worked together at Golden Corral.  She is SO beautiful and such a sweet person. I could just hang out with her every day because she rocks and her vibes are as happy and uplifting as can be! I asked her if she would be interested in being a model a few DAYS before the shoot, (and putting BLUE chalk in her hair) and she was SUCH a sport, and did better than I could ever expect!!



{Flirty, fun} Ariel doesn't model professionally (though you wouldn't know it!) She is a very good friend of mine's cousin and came up from St. George to shoot with us!! She is also a high school senior! I will hopefully work with her again as a model because she just knew exactly what to do, and can you say sweet?! I could eat her up!!



{Romantic, Sultry}

Stacey- AMAZING photographer, and seriously? No one could have pulled off sultry like her! She was also an AWESOME help in building the shoot up and making it happen!!


{Envy, Sleek}

Samantha is SO quiet, and kind, so it was fun to see the transformation with her hair and make up being pretty opposite of the vibe she puts off! She is also very talented as a model AND a photographer (seriously! Go check out her pages! She rocks!)


{Energetic, Happy}


Mmmmm K, I could not have found a better energetic, and vibrant yellow on the planet!! She let us put chalk in her light hair (chalk some times takes 5-8 washes to get out!) she was prompt, came with a TON of clothing choices, AND she poses SO well!! If you are a photographer and haven't had the pleasure of working with her, DO!!! Her energy is yellow- if aura's are really a thing, hers would be yellow through and through! SUCH a pleasure working with this girl (I have wanted to for like a year now)! Oh! And my shooting time with her was like 5 minutes and I got the most photos from her- seriously, she is that good.


{Whimsical, Delicate}

I didn't meet Samaira until that day, she was seriously so easy going and so fun to work with. Also hasn't done any modeling, but she nailed every pose we asked her to get into! That hair makes me want to go purple!!

This was SUCH an incredible and FUN shoot and I could not have done ANY of it with out the brilliance, talent, and help of the other FINE ladies!! I hope to work with each and every one of them again in the future! 


Vendors Info:

Caitlin Hemsley: Facebook: Photos by Cait, Instagram: @photosbycait1

Megan Muir: Facebook- Megan Muir Photography, Instagram: @MegNKyle

Sam Hurst: Facebook: Streamline Hair Design by Sam, Instagram: @streamlinehairdesignbysam

Brittany Sawatzki: Facebook: Tanglez Hair and Makeup. Instagram: @tanglezhairandmakeup, Website:

Rachel Kitterman: No social media

Stacy Nish: Facebook: Stacy Marie Photography, Instagram: @Stacymariephotography, Website:

Samantha Kim Little: Facebook: Samantha Little-model Instagram: @Sklittlephoto

Christie Berube: Facebook: Christie Q Photography, Instagram: @ChristieQphotography, Website:

Sarah Roghaar: Facebook: Sarah Roghaar, Instagram: @Ms_sarahray

Ariel Haycock: Instagram: @Arielmishima Facebook: Ariel Haycock

Samaira Hunt: Instagram: @Samaira2639, Facebook: Samaira Hunt








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