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February 11, 2016  •  1 Comment

I realized that I never have written a blog about myself.. which is probably why I haven't because I don't much like to write about myself..

I have been told I am a passionate, independent and direct person. I have a very firm drive to better myself, and help the people around me. I tend to be a very empathetic and caring person, which makes me pretty relatable in most cases! 

My Story:

I come from a large family, I have two blood sisters, two half brothers, and a step brother and sister. I lived with my mom until about 13 years old and moved in with my dad in Layton, where I went North Layton Jr. and graduated from North Ridge High school. I am a knight.

In high school, I had a large group of friends, a couple super close ones- and a few of those people I am still very close with, and I even married one of them.

I was involved in a few clubs in high school. I was involved in creative writing, Yearbook, and vice president and president of a team called the "REAL" team (Ridge educators and leaders). That was a team that taught about drugs and alcohol education, as well as helped with suicide prevention, all of the ribbon weeks, bullying, etc.

I loved high school. There isn't much I would change about the years I was ther

I moved to St. George to go to Dixie State University, but only stayed there for about 8 months (one semester) because I fell for this amazing guy who was all the way up in Logan at Utah State.

I dated him in my junior year of high school, and went our own ways after graduation, though I always thought of him as "the one that got away".. then for some reason I reached out to him when I came back for Christmas break from college, and it began.

I married Chase in 2008, we bought a house in 2009 and he left for Iraq soon after. He was gone for a total of about 10 months, and it was rough

When he got back in 2010, he gifted me my first camera for our anniversary, (I had talked to him about my interest in photography while he was in Iraq). He made me promise that if we were going to put money in to it, I would have to do something with it, so I began education and practice.

We had a little surprise in 2011, and Madilyn was born October 12th. and then October 9, 2014 I had my son- Quinten!


A few random silly facts about Cait:

1. I am more of a cat person, but have two giant dogs.

2. I LOVE music, but have an AWFUL singing voice.

3. I love to laugh (who doesn't?)

4. I am a total social butterfly and LOVE to talk to strangers about their back ground.

5. I have seen every episode of The Office at least 5 times.





Its always fun to read about the photographer!
Since I know you in real life and since Jr high, I didnt really need to read this because I already knew it!
<3 it though! I love seeing you learn and grow and rock your camera!
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