SPRING 2016 COLOR guide

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These are Spring 2016's colors! I Love that Snorkel blue and the Iced coffee! Love them all really! Read more below for more color options and how to best dress and to prep for your up coming photo shoot!


These are some general directions to feel and look good in pictures!

1. A good nights sleep. This is a must for everyone- it helps you to LOOK alive, as well as helps the kids not be so wiggly. Make sure the kids get a nap in if they need it as well, usually shoots are done in the evening (for the best lighting), unfortunately that means that it is pushing kids bed times. Luckily, after day lights saving, it pushes the hours before the sun sets to earlier times.

2. Moisturize. If this means your skin or your lips- moisturize!! Lotion helps to ensure there is less bumpiness to your skin, and lips. It will also make your complexions look more healthy. If dad doesn't want to moisturize, attack him in his sleep with some.

3. Hair and Makeup. As usual- I recommend getting hair and makeup done!!! It makes SUCH a huge difference- and you can ALWAYS go very simple with it.

4.Brush your teeth. Simple but true. Be sure to brush those pearly whites, when I am editing, I get all up close and personal with teeth and eyes, it is easier for you to brush them and get that spinach out of them than it is for me to edit it out on each and every picture. Plus plaque shows up in pictures and dulls them. So make sure everyone brushes before the shoot.

5.Eye drops. If your eyes get dry and red easily, you have allergies or yours eyes get itchy or watery- bring eye drops with you!

COLOR CHOICES (any time)

"The Dos" -Colors to Wear

Whites, blacks, greys and earth tones (SOME reds and most browns) are great color bases any time of year.But, just like with anything in life-- too much of a good thing can be bad- so don't do too much of these colors if you are, say, preparing for a family shoot. "Jewel tones" are also good colors to accent with- such as Turquoise and most blues.

"The Don'ts"-Colors to Avoid

Khakis, greens, orange, some dark purple tones, and yellows are rarely flattering on any one. Often times the skin glows a little of the main color you are wearing if they are too flashy, and no one wants to look green in a photoshoot, unless you are dressed up like a witch on Halloween! These colors, however, can be great accent colors!

A GREAT source in putting clothing together is Pinterest.com. You will find LOADS of options if you simply type "clothing for photoshoots" into the search engine. I also have a Polyvore account I have started to help you figure out some clothing options for you, I base it on skin tones and style as well as the colors you prefer- etc! Follow me @photosbycait


Photo credit: http://www.fabmood.com/top-10-pantone-for-spring-2016/


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