MORE things I wish I knew in High School

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Here is MORE I wish I knew or think you should know in High school: 


(Yes that is one of my senior pics- photo credit: Haddon Photography

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11. The college you pick, the career choice, don't define you. How you act and the OTHER choices you make define you.

12. Start saving money and learning HOW to spend it, and when to save it. Learning these things will save you a lot of time, and MONEY in the long run.

13. Your siblings are pretty awesome, younger or older, when you are 30, they will be your best friend. Treat them well.

14. Don't post every aspect of your life on twitter/social media.. instead reach out to those people who you WANT to share your life with.

15. Being naive and innocent is NOT a bad thing. It is beautiful, and soon, you will look back and miss having it.

16. Call your grandma & Grandpa just because. 

17. High school years and dances are not the best days of your life.. but go anyway, and do everything you can to have fun.

18. Forgiveness is GOLDEN, but also take note of who to trust.

19. Keep a journal. I promise, you will blush when you read it, but also be so happy you have those memories written down

20. Enjoy every aspect that you can.. life speeds by too fast.

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are" E.E Cummings


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